Who is NVI Golf?


NVI Golf was formed to help golfers lower your scores by fitting you with the optimal club set makeup to fit your game. Professional custom club-fitting involves matching each one of the 12 key club-fitting elements for every club in the bag to each golfer’s combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.

If you’ve been one of the millions who has always bought golf clubs off the rack in a retail golf store, pro shop or online and wondered why you did not achieve the improvement promised in the marketing claims for the clubs you bought, it is time to learn exactly why and how professional custom fitting can enable you to play better golf and enjoy the game much more.

Professionally custom fit golf clubs are proven to enable golfers of all abilities, and especially those with a handicap between 12 and 25, to be able to play to the best of their ability.

Why not off the shelf?

Because you need to be fit to the 12-key elements of club fitting: Length, Loft, Face Angle, Lie Angle, Club Head Design, Set Make Up, Grip Size & Style, Total Weight, Swing-weight or Club MOI, Shaft Weight, Shaft Flex and Shaft Bend Profile.

Why should I get custom fit?

The answer to the question “why should I get custom fit?” is really very simple. It’s the reason every player on every tour plays with custom equipment. Properly fit equipment allows you to perform your best!

At NVI Golf, we help you spend your money more wisely.  Only buy the clubs you really can hit; have them fit to the 12-key fittings of a golf club.  There are many methods and components to Custom fitting clubs; NVI Custom Golf Clubs has waded through all the options; shafts, heads and grips, to put together the best combination of afford-ability and play-ability for you, the Every Day Golfer!

NVI Golf will guide you through the process, explain why we have selected the components that we use, and let you know what to expect from during your experience with NVI Custom Golf Clubs.  Enjoy your visit, ask lots of questions and be prepared to LOVE your new golf clubs.

Price of custom golf clubs?

Custom golf clubs will cost about the same as a quality golf club from the major club manufactures. Custom golf clubs will fit you better than any off-the-rack club that you can purchase. Custom clubs will provide you more enjoyment from the game as you will have more consistent shots, making your score go down. Isn’t that why we play the game?

Importance of your set makeup?

Most weekend players don’t get fit. Someone buys a driver or irons off the rack and says, “I’ll learn to hit it”. It doesn’t work that way. You don’t learn to hit a club. You need something that matches your game and ability. You need to be fitted by a professional. You might say, “I’m not that good, so what’s it matter?” Seems to me that hitting it 250 would be more fun than 235, so get fitted.”

Here’s an absolute fact about custom fitting – the less skilled the golfer, the more they need to be accurately fit to play to the best of their ability.  The right clubs for your bag can make all the difference in the world; wedges, irons, hybrids, woods, drivers, putters all need to fit you.  We can put together ANY combination that makes the game easier for you.

  • How many clubs do you really play with?
  • How many sit in the bag and never get used?
  • WHY is that?

The right set makeup heads us towards our goal…